SC2: Interview with mouz|MaNa

At only the age of 16, MaNa from Mousesports has faced some of the biggest names in Starcraft across Europe and across the world. Yesterday, MaNa made it to the finals of the ESL Steelseries Go4SC2 Cup and faced WhiteRa, a former Mousesports team member who now plays for Duckload on loan.


I caught up with MaNa after the final to get his insight into the performance and his take on the new Blizzard game so far:

Thanks for taking the time to speak to us, MaNa. First up, can you tell us a little about yourself and about your Starcraft background?

No problem, so, my name is Grzegorz Komincz Iam from northern Poland and I am 16  years old (in December 17). I’ve started to play Starcraft since I was a child and I really liked it, after I learned, that good players are famous and earn money by doing it, my brother (fnatic.funkyy) and I started to practice more, to become better players. At the beginning of the 2010 year my team (ESC) joined  to mousesports as a division of Starcraft, after the beta was realised, everyone of us started to play it more than SC1. After playing only Starcraft 2 Beta, we changed our division from SC:BW to Starcraft 2 and atm, we are one of the best SC2 teams in the world. Of course we plan to stay on this position as long as possible.

How do you feel the game’s (SC2) competitive scene is going in these early stages? Does it have the potential to replace SC1 in people’s memory in terms of competitiveness?

I think this is awesome at the moment, and I hope it will stay like this, or become better, because there’s so many tournaments to play in SC2 and you can win many money on it. In my opinion SC2 will become much more popular and for sure it will replace SC1. I wonder, how it will be in Korea …?

Your brother as you mention is in one of the biggest rival organisations to Mousesports – is there much competition between the two of you? Have you ever faced off in a tournament against each other?

Well, we are brothers, there must be some competition between us but I think there’s more friendship, we are always happy, when one of us win some tournament, or win vs better player, its cool because we can talk about the game and our experience go way faster than lonely players. Yes we did face once in polish league (Terran League) and I won 2-1 but I think we are same skilled, we even met twice in ladder, the score in ladder is 1-1 atm 😀 It’s all about knowledge of opponent, we know each other so much, and we know what we will do in match, that’s why it makes match much harder than vs other opponent

On Sunday you participated in the ESL Steelseries Go4SC2 Cup and faced WhiteRa in the final. How did it feel playing one of the great names in Starcraft before you started?

Stress, that’s what I feel always in big tournaments. I faced White-Ra in grand final so I was stressed x2. I’ve played Ra a couple of times in ladder or in other tournaments, but this was the final of Go4SC2 and he played awesome, his Build Orders were great, beautiful played by him. Hope , that I will become better, and I will be able to take a revenge on him^^

The round which you won against Ra today was a pretty ballsy move! Did you feel you’d just try your luck with nothing to lose, or were you aware of how exposed he was?

It was already 2-0 for him, game 3 was like ‘who will kill base faster?’ I had nothing to lose, because I know I was going to be defeated anyway so I tryed to do some cheese, unfortunately he did same cheese as me. It was all about micro, but ra did huge mistake, he did three gateways on one pylon, I easily killed this pylon and he wasn’t able to create more army than me, this was the only reason, why I won.

Are you typically quite an aggressive player against other opponents, or more calm and calculated?

I am an aggressive player, I can’t stay at main and sit how my opponent is running on the map.  I do want to change my style to be aggressive, but to be calculated also, I want to become perfect player, who doesn’t know, what mistake in game is :).

I’m sure you don’t want to give too much away, but what tips can you give to those aspiring Protoss players out there?

Just use Your mind and play, this game is so young, maybe You will be the creator of the best strategy for some matchup ? Really, use your imagination, and practice!

Which tournaments are you most looking forward to this year online and offline?

I always try to play every tournament online and offline if it’s possible. Some day, I would like to win monthly Go4SC2 final, and I would like to participate in some invitational tournament I try to make people believe, that I have potential to play and to show some great play. I’m really looking forward to zotac and go4sc2 because they are sure weekly tournaments, and it is always fun to play them

well thank you very much MaNa for taking the time to speak to us! we hope to see you one day as one of the world’s great SC2 players!

Thank You too 🙂 I would like to thank everybody who believe in my little gaming skill, I do it for You guys 🙂 and of course thanks for mousesports for letting me become better player!

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