Review: Razer Imperator





  • Ergonomic right-handed design
  • Adjustable side buttons
  • 5600dpi 3.5G Laser sensor
  • Razer Synapse™ On-board Memory
  • Up to 200 inches per second/ 50g acceleration
  • Seven independently programmable Hyperesponse™ buttons
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response rate
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity™ adjustment
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Teflon®feet
  • Approximate size: 123mm(L) x 71mm(W) x 42mm(H)

Included in the Box:

  • Quick start guide
  • Master guideMac and PC
  • Product catalogue
  • Razer certificate of authenticity
  • Razer Imperator information card
  • Razer logo stickers x2 (green)
  • Razer mug coaster


Packed flawlessly into a matte black box, the product catches your attention immediately, putting the worn out older mice from other companies you may have bought to absolute shame. The box is well designed and tucked into the corner are the words, “For gamers, by gamers.” You know that buying a Razer product is so perfectly tailored to your gaming needs – the whole package – that it gives you that excitement other manufacturers just can’t provide. The box that comes with it, the coaster, the stickers, the well-designed manuals, all make the experience of unpacking a Razer mouse special. Having such good presentation does mean, however, it has to live up to expectations. Razer have that one covered though…

Plugging the mouse in illuminates the soft glow of blue neon lights through the scroll wheel and the Razer logo on the back end of the mouse which slowly fades in and out. It’s a damn good looking mouse, frankly: the soft blue glow, the matte black surface and sleek sides give it an almost sinister character of its own.

Coming in at only a little smaller than the Mamba, the mouse signifies a new direction for Razer in its ergonomic design, more reminiscent of the Logitech series than any previous mice you might’ve bought from Razer. Placing your hand on top, moulding it to the mouse, you have an immediate command of all movement and all the buttons in very close proximity. Additionally, Razer has introduced a malleable braided cable to this mouse so you don’t find it disappearing down the back of the desk.

One of the great features of this mouse is undoubtedly the adjustable thumb buttons along the side of the mouse, giving players with all sorts of styles the ability to customise it to their own desires. Additionally, the sensitivity adjustment buttons just behind the scroll wheel give you the option to choose between five different pre-set sensitivity levels on the fly.

The most noticeable feature in just holding this mouse is the grip. Not just in the way the contoured thumb grip cradles your hand, but particularly the matte black plastic which crafts most of the mouse as well, ensuring your fingers aren’t slipping hopelessly as you try those sharper manoeuvres.

After an easy download for drivers from the Razer support site, you’re ready to go. The “Imperator Configurator” programme gives you a wide range of options for customising the mouse to your own personal needs, including macros, the ability to save several profiles and even an option to turn off the lights on your mouse – not that you’d want to.

Jumping into a game of Call of Duty 4 to really put the Imperator’s 5600dpi precision 3.5G laser sensor and 1000Hz polling rate to the test, I immediately set this mouse the insatiable feeling it has to play with apart from other mainstream mice I’ve tried. It’s smooth, deadly precise, and reacts so well to your movement. Mice that are built of this calibre mean you can truly bring out the potential in your game. After a while the mouse feels so synchronised to your style that it makes playing so easy and enjoyable.

In summary, this mouse feels and looks as fantastic as it does on the box. When you look at the Imperator and play with it, you know instantly it has been expertly crafted by Razer for gamers of all styles, and that’s why people buy their peripherals. If you’re looking for a new mouse, I would strongly recommend you buy this one.

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